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"The future of MUNI BRT Greay Blvd."

"The future of MUNI's BRT Geary blvd"

SAVEGEARYBLVD.ORG welcomes you and asks for your help to save Geary Boulevard.


"The advantage of the No Build is that all the improvements slated for the Build alternatives can be employed immediately without significant construction. That means more buses, better traffic light synchronization and control, improved bus stops, tighter schedules and repaving. The transportation planner testifying at the January 5 hearing admitted that the schedule transit time (for the 38 Rapid) is equal to or better than what the BRT will provide when operating. And we get that without spending $300 million. and ripping up the center median of the boulevard. MUNI intends to shorten transit times by cutting stops. They can do that tomorrow on the Geary 38 Rapid. They need more buses for the Local but those are funded. The project east of Masonic Avenue is not a BRT center lane and does not need to be west of Masonic! It is that simple."

On January 5 the Supervisors acting as the board of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (TA) approved the Environmental Impact Report and selected the recommended Hybrid alternative for the BRT. That would destroy the center media and all its trees from Palm and Arguello to 28th Avenue. Sensible Transit members and other public commenters at the hearing asked that the board consider the No Build alternative which is funded and can immediately be advanced using more buses, better synchronization of lights and repaving of the street.

The board refused to consider the inexpensive No Build and chose instead to build the $300 million Hybrid. During the four years of construction only two lanes on Geary, one in each direction, will remain open. Traffic will stream on to side and parallel streets causing constant congestion and compromising parking. The result is likely to be more accidents and injuries. More than that, it will disrupt thousands of lives for four years.

Sensible Transit had no choice. We filed a lawsuit on February 3 to stop the project.

We welcome you to join Sensible Transit. Individuals should send a check for $25 to the address below or use our donation option below.

Thank you.

David Hirtz

David Hirtz, President and Director
David Dippel, Treasurer and Director
Robert Starzel, Acting Secretary and Director

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